Following the Principles of Pastafarianism (step 4)

Pray to the FSM. Devout Pastafarians may choose to pray on the Friday sabbath, every day, or whenever they feel like it — there are no strict rules about when and where to pray. Though Pastafarians have major figures have written several commonly-used prayers, you don’t need to use these — any sincere prayer (even one you make up on the spot) will be received by the FSM. If you choose to pray, end all your prayers with the holy word “Ramen.”

  • Here’s just one Pastafarian prayer — you can find many more here.[9]
    Prayer of Knowledge
    Grant, the Flying Spaghetti Monster, thy sauce;
    and in sauce, noodles;
    and in noodles, meatballs;
    and in meatballs, knowledge;
    and from knowledge, knowledge of what is tasty;
    and from knowledge of what is tasty, the love of spaghetti;
    and from spaghetti, the love of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

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